My Current Favourite Zoeva Brushes!

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all doing fabulous!

I am a total makeup brush hoarder, and I love buying new brushes to try out! I’ve tried quite a few different brands, but Zoeva seems to stand out to me the most! The quality is always on point, I love the way they look, and they always last me such a long time! I have recently discovered their new ‘Rose Gold’ set, which are not only beautiful, but match my new room in my new house! Will 100% be investing in the whole set soon enough. But these are my current top 6 favourites, that I use almost everyday.

104 / Buffer – I recently spoke about this brush in my ‘Maybelline Super Stay 24hrs Foundation’ review. This is the only foundation I will ever use to buff in my foundation. It is the perfect density, and doesn’t leave streak marks all over your face. It did shed a little when I first used it, but never again since. It also washes really nicely and always keeps its shape! I don’t often use a brush for my foundation, as I prefer the application from a sponge, but this is the one I turn to if I fancy a change.

105 / Luxe Highlighter – This is my most recent purchase from Zoeva. When I saw this colouring I instantly fell in love with them!! They look gorgeous, and look so expensive in my brush pot, it really stands out. This is incredible for highlight, its the right shape for my cheekbones and tip of my nose so it places the product in all the right points! This is the only brush I use for my highlight at the moment. I love it! I am also so desperate to get this whole collection! Its just incredible!

227 / Luxe Soft Definer – This is the brush I use to prime my eyelids if I’m not priming with a cream primer! If I’m lazy, I’ll just put a white base down on my eyes, and this is so soft, and picks up the shadow really well. It disperses the product so well on the lids.

228 / Luxe Crease – My GO TO crease brush! I love this for putting the first transition colour through the crease, and it blends out my shadow beautifully every time. I try every new shadow I get with this brush, as I know it works so well, and can really tell if the eye shadow is a good quality shadow. I’ve used this to death, and I am in desperate need of a new one, but I will carry on using it till that day comes!

223 / Petit Eye Blender – This is great for the lower lash line! It’s the perfect size to blend product into the eye, and makes my shadow look beautiful and smokey every time. It’s just the perfect size. And also super soft, so it doesn’t irritate my eyes.

231 / Luxe Petit Crease – I love this for packing and blending out darker shades on my outer corner. Again, it’s just so soft, so the product looks effortless on my outer corner, and when using dark shades, there is usually fall down, but this holds the product so well. I find when I use this brush, it halves the amount of full down, giving me maximum product.

142 / Concealer Buffer – Now, I don’t actually use this brush to buff in concealer. I actually use it to really set my concealer under my eyes and on my eyelids. It helps to keep creasing at bay, as the application is so precise. If I decide to bake under the eyelids, I will only use this so set on the actual eyelids. I also use this to clean up any shadow on the outer corner, so get a super precise blend.

And that is my favourite Zoeva brushes! I’m 100% going to try new brush brands this year, I really want to try more Morphe and Sigma. When I go to the USA, my list of brushes I want to buy is almost in-human.

Lots of love, Ellie x