Topshop Lipsticks – Review and Swatches.

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all doing fab!

For a long time now, Topshop have had their very own beauty line, starting a trend for most other high street clothing stores. They have a full range of products, with base, eyes and lips!


A couple of years ago, whilst queuing to buy whatever t-shirt or pair of Jamie jeans caught my eye that day, I swatched a lipstick of theirs called ‘Lovestruck’. It was my go-to lipstick for months, I even brought one for my cousin Ashleigh, whom to this day still loves it (she would tell you, I am an awful influence to her when we go shopping, she comes home with more makeup than me!!). Sadly we are using it sparingly, as they have discontinued our favourite colour! But this sparked a desire to try and find another staple Topshop lipstick for my collection! I tried 6 new shades, all totally different colours, undertones and finishes!

From left to right – Fast Lane, Mind Your Manners, Dreamy, Beguiled, Inhibition , Rio Rio.

First of all I have to say, they are some of the most comfortable lipsticks I have EVER tried from the high street. DAMN this formula is insane! It is so comfortable on the lips, and the pigmentation for every shade is there. Usually when buying 6 lipsticks at a time, its possible to find a dud… but nope! Not a single one of these shades disappointed me!

Obviously, the more creamier ones are transferable, but you have to expect that from a more glossy type formula! So just be careful with the more darker shades! The two matte ones I picked up, Dreamy and Rio Rio are such beautiful matte lipsticks! They are so easy to wear, and they don’t dry out your lips! Dreamy has now become one of my all time favourite lipsticks ever! It compliments my skin tone beautifully, and I feel like this is such a universal shade aswell. This is also a one of those ‘omg what have you got on your lips?’ colour!

The packaging is almost like… a metal packaging! Which is great and so fab to travel with, but it does start to scratch and rub off over time! But I’m not going let that put these lipsticks down, they are such good quality, you really can’t fault them.

I cannot wait to get my hands on some more of these! They are ALL incredible, and very much a staple in my lipstick collection! And at a price tag of £8.00 you really can’t go wrong. A huge recommendation to you all!


Lots of love, Ellie x