New House Haul!

Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing well!

In July this year, me, Michael, and my family are moving into a brand new house! It will be a crazy month as we are going to Florida at the end of July for my 21st birthday. Building started this year in January, and we are all super excited to move! My Mum and Dad have been kind enough for Michael to come live with us, so we can save up for a deposit on our own house. BUT for now the excitement for moving is real!

Moving house is a big stress, and moving into a house that has NOTHING in it, is more of a set-back than usual, but a great opportunity to start totally fresh, and have a bedroom I’ve always dreamed of! I keep changing my mind on colour schemes, and the colour I want my en-suite (which has two sinks, so me and Mike have our own!!!!) but I have finally started to buy a couple of more ‘decorative’ things, so I just thought I’d share them with you!


I’m not yet going to worry about the bigger type things like furniture and tech! We are so lucky to have build in wardrobes, so we wont have to much to worry about! Iv mainly just been shopping around to buy smaller items, so we don’t have to worry about it when the time comes.

Firstly, Pinterest has been a massive help for inspiration for my room and bathroom. Iv decided to go for ‘Grey, Cream and Rose Gold’ for my bedroom. I’m trying not to make it tooooo super girly in respect for Mike, but I needed to express PINK! My bathroom is going to have light grey tiles and gold decoration! I’ve found so many lovely things in Primark and Next, and at such a great price aswell. I also found a lot of bathroom stuff in Dunelm Mill, but lets save that for another post!!

These are just a couple of more decoration things I have picked up! We have a lot more currently being stored under my bed!

Eyelash Dish, Next, £4.50 – I brought this to use on my new dressing table. How gorgeous is this design? Will look perfect to hold any little trinkets, jewellery or even eyelashes!

Pink Flower Dish, Primark, £3.00 – My mum actually picked this up for me and I love it! It is a gorgeous colour, and will pop either on my dressing table, or even on my bedside table, just incase I get all cosy in bed, and haven’t taken any of my jewellery off yet. I can just pop it onto this, knowing its safe and sound!

Glass Terrarium, Primark, £4.00 – Anyone else obsessed with glass terrariums? I am! I love them! They look super cool, and this one is fake so will be easy to maintain! Will look gorgeous on a window seal, or even thinking about putting it in our En-Suite!

Rose Gold Plant, Primark, £3.50 – Another plant… I know! This was another one my Mum kindly picked up for me! (She knows me well). This one is 100% for our room. Not entirely sure where this is going to end up, but it looked so cool!

Candle, Primark, £3.50 – This works perfectly with the colour scheme of our En-Suite. And it smells gorgeous, so I had to pick it up!!

Rose Gold Basket, Primark, £3.00 – These baskets are so handy! I have 1 big rose gold, 1 big gold, and 3 little rose gold ones! They are just so handy for storing products in, and again, how cool do they look?!

I have become totally obsessed with buying stuff for the house! I cannot wait to have a whole house to decorate! But until that day comes, i’ll spend all of mine and Mikes money on our Room and Bathroom for now!!

Lots of love, Ellie x