Maybelline Super Stay 24hrs Full Coverage Foundation Review!

Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing really well!

Sorry for being so quiet, I never guessed I would be so busy with daily life so early into 2018! A lot has been going on! (In a good way!!). But I am back with a review of the new ‘Maybelline Super Stay 24hrs Full Coverage’ foundation!

Maybelline Super Stay All Day 24hrs in the shade ’10 Ivory’

This has been a big topic of conversation in the beauty world, and obviously I was going to jump on the hype train! This claims to be a full coverage, long lasting foundation (hence the 24hrs) that wont budge or transfer all day, and won’t clog your pores. It also claims to be lightweight, and flawless.

First of all, I brought the total wrong shade! This was the lightest shade I could find in my local boots, but I have just been mixing some of the Nip+Fab lightning drops into help lighten this up! This shade will be great for me in summer, but if I don’t lighten this, I end up looking like a big orange mess! So will have to invest in the lightest shade!

Talking of shades, at the moment there are only 16 shades in this foundation. And the shade range isn’t great, and with the current controversy around this topic (and very rightly so) they could have done better. It is 100% not fair, that not all women can just easily walk up to a stand and find their shade. It is a great that as a community, we are standing up against this problem, and brands are finally realising a problem that never should have been a problem in the first place!

I have a few pro’s and con’s to this foundation, so lets get into that!

The packaging is beautiful! Has a lovely glass bottle and a pump which I really like! Makes application so much easier! And even though it is glass, it is super practical!

The coverage of this foundation is great! It is super lightweight as they state, and feels like nothing on your skin. It is easily build-able aswell, so you can get maximum coverage, but it can get slightly cakey if you don’t take the time to work it into your skin! But once on the skin and blended out, it looks flawless. Products layer really nicely on top, and looks effortless once set with powder. BUT this does really oxidise on the skin, like goes almost a shade darker! So just bear that in mind if you do purchase this product! As I have found out!

Zoeva 104 Buffer Brush

I tried 3 different ways of applying this foundation. I used my Zoeva 104 Buffer Brush, my Beauty Blender, and the Real Techniques sponge. I found the best way to apply was with my Beauty Blender (not pictured as they need a proper good clean!!), as it made the product sit on my skin the best. I felt the other two methods made the product sink into my pores a little more, but regardless, if I was without my Beauty Blender I wouldn’t be offended by the application! Just needs a little more time and love!

Wear time wasn’t 24hrs like it states. (not that I would wear it for 24hrs, wouldn’t recommend that!!) After around 7 hours I was an oil slick! I have combo skin, so it isn’t all that unusual to get oily, but this seem to look more greasy than my skin usually would at this time, and my pores look disgusting! So I would wear this more for a night out, where it wouldn’t be on my face as long as all day wear. I have tried this a couple of times, with different primers and my skin was the same every time at the end of the day. And it transfers after a while aswell, so just beware of that!

Overall, this is a good drugstore foundation, and its a great price! Would just be weary on what shade you get, and that it can get super oily. Set it with a powder, and you’ll be good to go!

Till the next review!!

Lots of love, Ellie x