Mario Badescu Skincare Review.

Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing great!

I have been desperately looking for some good skin care for a long time, as my skin is full of congested pores, and have been for a long time! My BFF Danielle (ddlovesx) raves about Mario Badescu skin care, especially the drying Lotion! I’m longing to find a saviour for my skin, so I purchased the The 50th Anniversary Edition Set from Beauty Bay. The kit included 5 products, all amazing sizes, at a great price of £32.00!


Drying Lotion, (1 fl oz), £16.00 separately – I suffered terribly as a teenager and I have tried many spot treatments over my time. This stuff works magic on my skin! I very rarely get big spots, but when I do, this is my life saver! It reduces the size of your breakouts over night, and redness? what redness? As soon as I get a spot, this is straight on my face after my skincare routine at night! I will never be without this!

Silver powder, (0.5 oz), £12.00 separately – This is great for helping to reduce the size of your pores, but what a mess! It dries super quickly as it doesn’t stay wet for very long! So it really crumbles off your face quick! But this wouldn’t be something I would lean towards in my collection! I have better ‘face masks’ than this. Its a shame as this product was one of the reasons I brought this kit!

Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater, (4 fl oz), £7.00 separately – What a lovely facial spray! I love misting this over my moisturiser just to give it that extra hydration, and it is also great when my make up looks a little dry. A spritz brings my face back to life! This will be great on a hot day as it really cools your face down.

Flower & Tonic mask, (0.5 oz) £18.50 separately – This is a beautiful mask! It made my skin look brighter and more awake. This also really draws out the dirt and oils in my skin, making this a great mask before applying makeup! It hasn’t done much for my pores, but I love how plump and purified my skin looks!

Enzyme Cleansing Gel, (4 fl oz) £13.00 separately – If you suffer with sensitive eyes, I would not recommend this for you! Even when I don’t use it on my eyes, this stings like a bitch! It is really good at removing my makeup and leaving my skin fresh and clean, but I much prefer a cleanser I can use for my eyes and face, instead of just the face! I also prefer a foaming cleanser, which is totally down to personal preference! So.. to round up, if you don’t have sensitive eyes or a foaming cleanser, you’ll love this!


Overall, I am really impressed with Mario Badescu skin care! I have found products that will forever live on in my collection. I also think the price of this set is fantastic! So if you don’t want to spend to much, but want to try lots of different products I would 100% recommend one of their kits! I will be going back to beauty bay to purchase and try more products from this range!

Lots of love, Ellie x

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