34 Thank-yous For Michael – Valentines Day 2018!

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is doing well! And a happy Valentines Day to you all! This is going be a bit of a different post today…

For all that don’t know… I have a boyfriend called Michael. I swear he was delivered down to this earth by angels!

Now.. being Valentines Day, I thought I would use my platform to dedicate a post to Michael! Me and Michael aren’t overly a super lovey-dovey couple! We love each other heaps, but it isn’t something we post all over the internet, and I’ve actually found this to be great for us! No tweets or statuses about the other one being really crappy, or about how we had a disagreement! And we aren’t overly fussed about Valentines Day either! This year we are going out for dinner, and he surprised me with balloons, flowers and some lovely presents! But I thought I would use this one ‘special’ day of the year, to just say thanks! So Mike.. this is for you!

Thank you for…

  1. Being my Boyfriend, the better half…
  2. AND Bestfriend! For nearly 5 years!!
  3. Always supporting me, through whatever adventure I take on!
  4. Always agreeing with me, even when I am wrong! (not often that happens!)
  5. Cuddling me until your arm goes dead! You will not move if I am fast asleep on you, even if it means you getting comfy!
  6. Putting up with my hair in your face! I know you hate that!
  7. Drying and brushing my hair every time I wash it! I love that!!
  8. Getting out of bed to turn the light off, even if we have both just got comfy!
  9. Staying up with me when I can’t sleep.
  10. Driving me everywhere! Even if you don’t want to go, you won’t hesitate, you just do it! (Even if it is my turn!!)
  11. Never watching the next episode of a series we are watching without me!
  12. Spending Sundays being lazy, eating junk food, binge watching Netflix for hours!
  13. For motivating me at the Gym! I couldn’t do it without you!
  14. Listening to all my problems, and acting as if you care about every single one!
  15. Always taking care of me. No matter if mother nature has called, or I am super ill. You’ll be so patient, and caring. You’ll rush to get me supplies, or a Powerade.
  16. Being on my side, when it feels like no one else is.
  17. Being super patient when I do my makeup! I know you hate waiting around, but no matter what, you always sit and wait with me!
  18. Or.. for saying I look beautiful, when we both know I look like shit.
  19. Making me smile from cheek to cheek when I am down. You do the stupidest things to make me laugh, and as much as I pretend to hate it.. I really don’t!
  20. Always keeping it real with me. If I’m being stupid, you’ll tell me. If I’m being silly, you’ll tell me. Never in a spiteful way, in a way to make me better.
  21. Dealing with me, when I turn into a slight diva!
  22. Taking the back lash, even if it wasn’t your fault, and it wasn’t you that caused the anger. You deal with my terrible, cranky mood. What a man.
  23. You always say ‘sorry’ first, even when I am being wayyyy to stubborn to say it first!
  24. Being vulnerable, and open, even when I know you don’t want to. It has developed a closeness that I will forever value every second of.
  25. Being incredible to my family. You are always so kind and polite.
  26. Looking after our Dogs, and loving them, and cuddling them!
  27. Kissing, and loving me in front of all your friends.
  28. Making an effort with all my friends.
  29. Surprising me with flowers and present.. for no reason.. ‘just because’
  30. Always treating me with the utmost respect.
  31. Being there, whenever I need you, no matter what, or when. You are always by my side, through thick and thin.
  32. Looking at me with the most incredible amount of love in your eyes. Those beautiful greeny/blue eyes.
  33. Always making me feel safe, and calm in your presents.
  34. Thank you.. for being you. And loving me.

The way we perfectly intertwine together is like no other soul I have ever known. Like 2 peas in a pod! You forever worry about me over yourself, you defend and protect me in ways most people can’t! You make me laugh till I cry, you make me laugh when I cry! You always just go with the flow, no matter what we do, even if I drag you around the makeup isles in Boots or John Lewis! If I am happy, you are, and that is a very rare thing to find in such a world full of hate.

From new jobs, to buying new cars, coming to live with me, new adventures (like my blog), no matter what I do, you will always be the person to keep me going, give me motivation everyday, and pick me up when I fall. You wont let me fail, you are always the reason in the end I can succeed at anything, and through everything I have done, I could never thank you enough for how much you inspire me to exceed in life.

Happy Valentines day. I totally love you.

Till next year! (no more soppiness for 365 days!!)

Lots of love, Ellie x




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