What to watch? Feb 2018.

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all doing wonderful!

I am so happy that January is finally over! How long did it feel? The weeks dragged, the weather was miserable, and everyone has been getting over the holiday blues! So, due to the short days and dark nights, Netflix has been more of a given!! I’ve discovered 3 more series over this month and I can’t wait to share them with you all!

The Good Place, 2 seasons. I have recently only just discovered this! This is Netflix The Good Place Posteroriginal series, and it popped up on the ‘trending’ section! I was desperate to find a new series, so I took a chance with this, and I am so glad I did! The Good place is a town, where those who have been good throughout their time on earth, go once they have passed away. Eleanor arrives at ‘The Good Place’ realising that actually, she doesn’t deserve to be there! She enlists the help of her ‘Soul Mate’ Chidi, to become a better person, and right her wrongs, so she can earn the right to be in ‘The Good Place’. This is a super cheesy, feel good, funny series that it so easy to watch! The episodes aren’t very long, so I managed to get through this within days! Kristen Bell plays her role excellent, and it makes you think about how ‘good you really are.

Riverdale Poster

Riverdale, 2 seasons. This is currently an on-going series on Netflix and I am totally obsessed with it! I make sure every Thursday when the new one is live, I am straight onto Netflix watching this! This is about the death of a popular, rich twin Jason Blossom in the town ‘Riverdale’. It shows the small town trying to investigate the murder, that took place on the 4th of July, and how all is not as it seems. It begins at the start of the school year, with new and interesting students and budding relationships for all involved. This is so gripping, and I am left waiting for the next episode to air! A must watch if you like High schools Dramas!

RuPaul’s Drag Race, 9 seasons. OMG Drag Queens are everything! And RuPaul is just RuPaul's Drag Race Posterfabulous, who has to be the most famous Drag Queen in the world! He hosts and Mentors a competition, to try and find America’s next drag superstar! He also judges and eliminates the Queens who battle it out in the challenges, and on the runway to be the BEST. With glam, glitter and show stopping moments, if you need a ‘pick me up’ or just a bit of fun, this is the show for you! So much sass and glamour! With Diva’s everywhere you look! And with one Queen ‘Sashay Away’ing’ every week, and 2 queens lip syncing for the lives, the competition is strong and fierce! And the comedy is there, you’ll be laughing till you cry!


And that is it for Feb! Hope you all have an amazing month!

Lots of love, Ellie x


(All pictures have been taken from Netflix, in no way do I own the right to these photos, and will continue to make that clear)



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