Barry M – Matte Me Up, Liquid Lipstick Review.

Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing great!

So, I know these Barry M Liquid Lipsticks have been around for a little while now, but I have only recently decided to pick these up! I’ve only seen a couple of reviews floating around, so I thought I would give some of them a go, and do a little review of how I feel these lipsticks perform!

They don’t have a huge colour range yet, so I picked up 3 for now, just to give them a try! The colour runway came in a lip kit, and I brought the other two as singles. The lip liner was okay, but I wanted to focus on the actual lipstick as you can buy this colour as a single aswell!

From left to right – Embellish, Minimalist, Runway (comes as a lipkit).

All three colours I picked up are really lovely. I feel like their really comfortable on the lips, and are all super opaque! They all are really long lasting, but after a long time they do start to ball up on your lips, so just be careful of that. Also, make sure you moisturise your lips, because these don’t sit overly well on dry lips, but 9/10 liquid lipsticks don’t look great on dry lips anyway! So just put a good lip balm on before application, or give your lips a nice scrub!

My favourite colour out of all of these, is Minimalist. It is a really nice, peachy tone nude colour. It also suits my skin tone really well, and I can wear it with any eye look! I also feel like the formula of this particular colour is the best, it lasts a little longer than the darker colours!

These overall are brilliant for the value, and Barry M released a really great product here! I 100% want to try more of the shades that are on offer!! I have only ever brought a couple of things from Barry M, so I would also love to dabble and try new things from this brands! Very intrigued!

Lots of love, Ellie x


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