Workout Motivation – What Works For Me.

Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing great.

I’m writing this blog post, as for a long time I have really struggled with finding the motivation to get fit. I am really unhappy with how I look at the moment. Growing into a women is a really hard thing, and a lot of people struggle with it! And coming to terms with the fact I’m not as small as I used to be, was quite hard to accept. Even though I feel like I’m not the best version of myself, I still struggled to find motivation.

This year, I am going to Florida in July. I am dreading even wearing shorts at the moment, let alone even wearing bikinis! I spent hours on the internet, pinterest mainly, to find something to help my brain click into workout mode! Not only that, I needed help to just stop eating pizza.. and Mac cheese.. and cake! Being a proper foodie, it’s getting so difficult. BUT I remembered something… I am the only thing holding me back. I am the one who would rather lay in bed watching Netflix, or eat junk food, rather than working out and eating good.

So, really.. I am holding myself back. I found 7 simple steps I am starting to follow, and it is helping a lot. I felt the need to share, as I love reading other people tips, and what has really helped them. SO! This is what I am going to stick to, no matter what.

1, Start slow and set yourself goals. This one is a big one. If you go in to hard at the beginning, and you really struggle, it couldn’t be less of a motivator if it tried. You will feel like you cannot do it, even though you really can. This is why goals are so good! I set myself a monthly goal, weight and workout wise. I am looking to lose 2 stone by July! So I’m looking to achieve this in the next 4/5 months really. To lose around 1 stone every 2 months! I feel like this is a goal I can really achieve. It is also really good to find a routine that works for you! It can be a specific work out, or time of the day! Even good food you like! It will make this time much more enjoyable!

2. Put your workout gear on, and find yourself a decent workout playlist! Putting on my workout gear really helped me to get motivated to go out running. I went home from work, and without sitting down straight away put my running stuff on. This will really help, never let yourself get distracted. If you leave it to long, I find myself making excuses and then end up not going out. Although, one of the best things for you to do is exercise when you don’t feel like it. It will give you an amazing uplift once you’ve done it! Tell yourself to keep going! I find getting a cracking playlist helps, something really upbeat, and has a good rhythm to it! You almost run with the music!

3. Always think positive, and never listen to anyone with a negative attitude. This is kind of a given, never think you can’t do it. And NEVER listen to a single person who tells you that you can’t/won’t do it. You have nothing to prove to those people, but take it as a ‘FU, I’ve got this’. Also, who needs that negativity? I don’t! Do not let these people get to you, what do they know? They don’t know you? You go gal! NEVER give up because someone told you to. EVER. 

4. Don’t give up when you don’t see instant results. This was one of the things that was really standing in my way. I didn’t see results straight away, and in my head I thought ‘Why am I bothering, nothing is happening?’. This isn’t true! You just won’t see it for a long time. Think about it, you see yourself every single day, and so do the people that are around you most. But one of the best feelings, is when you see someone you may not have seen for a little while, and they look at you and go ‘Wow, you look great!’. Also, I have taken a ‘before’ picture, so I can refer back when I feel like I haven’t made any improvement to myself.

5. Reward, and love yourself. I am not someone who can just be really tough, so I let myself have one treat day a week. It is usually a Saturday night, as this is when temptation is at an all high. I think of this as a ‘Reward’. I don’t punish myself, as I find this much harder. Cutting out every single thing you love is total crap, and I feel myself totally caving in after a while. And most importantly love yourself. No matter what you look like, or feel like, never think you aren’t good enough. Because you really are, and don’t ever forget that!

Lets see if in 6 months, I can stick to my own rules, and I am so ready for this.

Lots of love, Ellie x



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