What’s In My Bag? Jan 2018.

Hi everyone! Hope you are all fabulous!

I see these posts all the time, and it’s actually really interesting to see what us gals (and boys) carry around in our bags! I recently emptied mine out, as it was full crumbs, and wrappers! Oh and loads of receipts! Why do we hoard all this stuff in our bags? I have got to admit, just throwing stuff in my bag and forgetting about it, is something I do on a daily! Although finding the odd £1/2 or fiver in a random pocket is a joy!! I also found a completed McDonalds hot drink… thingy in there the other day! Oh the little things!

97A69623-41C5-4598-952C-48ED3B44E930I am currently using the Michael Kors ‘Selma Large Saffiano Leather Satchel’ £340, that I purchased whilst in New York, from the Michael Kors store in Soho! I really wanted a nice bag, and as soon as I walked into the store, they had this on display with the pompom (Fur Key Chain, £55) attached and I was sold!

Iv also been swapping it out with the The Mini Lock Backpack, £22, from Topshop. I use this more for when I go to work, and just need to chuck the essentials in my bag and go!


First up, I always have my iPhone 8 Plus on me! I could never leave the house without it! Even if I forget my debit card.. apple pay saves the day! I won’t go to into detail on the phone itself, thinking about doing a review on it! And it is always in my bag, because I am terrible with phones! I think I have dropped every phone I have! God knows how much has been spent on new screens! (Case is from Casetify, £35).

Next is my purse! This is a Ted Baker purse, that Michael got me for Christmas one year! This is totally battered, as it has been the only one I have used for a long time! Its really slim, but I can get loads of cards in this! I don’t really carry around cash much, but the coin pocket is nicely sized! Might treat myself to a new one, when I go to America in July!

I always have headphones on me! I use the Apple AirPods, and the headphones that came with my iPhone. AirPods are great if you are on the move, or at the gym! There is no wire getting in the way, and the wireless connection is amazing! I can go anywhere in my house, leaving my phone in my room and my music still plays! I always carry my wired ones, just in-case my AirPods run out!

A couple of other random bits and bobs include, My Keys (obvs, cant forget those, can’t drive my car, get into my office, or my house without them!), my sunglasses (I always go for Ray Bans! They suit my face the best), A Pen (Mine is Swarovski, a present from my mum!!) Tissues (a necessity), A Mirror, Antibacterial Hand Gel (I’m currently using the Strawberry and Rasberry from Superdrug! This one is my fave, smells INCREDIBLE!), Countless Lipsticks, they just seem to collect in handbags! I also have a Hairbrush and Hairband for those ‘I want my hair out of my face’ days, Chewing gum (I refuse to go anywhere without it!), and Tablets, for those aches and pains, when you’re out and about! And apart from the odd crumb or two, that is it!

I hope you all have as much random junk as me!

Lots of Love, Ellie x

P.S, enjoy this picture of my pup Bella trying to help me take photos!! Totally out of focus but her tongue poking out made me laugh!! Must get pics of my other pup Kallie!



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