My 2018 New Years Resolutions.

Hi everyone!

I know everyone is doing these, but I just wanted to put into writing my 2018 New Years resolutions!! There isn’t going to be any ‘New year, new me’ because there is only so much I can change about myself! But there are some major lifestyle changes I’m looking to make, and I really want to take the opportunity to have it in writing, and be able to look back at this post at the end of the year, and see my progress, or how successful I have been!!

1. Go to the gym, and get fit!

I know this one is on everyones list! Last year me and michael went to the gym for months, and got really fit for our holiday to Cyprus! But that totally stopped when we got back, and as its been the Christmas season, we’ve obviously eaten lots of junk food, and had A LOT of lazy days! I love going, it really makes me feel good, and better about myself! And makes me feel super awake! Im also going to Florida this year with my family, on my 21st birthday (EEK) so, I need to get bikini body ready!! Also, I seem to be getting really achey and worn out when me and Michael go on days out! 2 weeks in Florida on my feet? I need to sort it out!

2. Eat better!

Again another one on everyones resolution list! Again, for months I ate really well, lots of healthy food, and felt so much more better on my inside! At the moment I feel so sluggish! Eating good food made my insides super happy, and there are so many different meals you can make that are delish, and are super healthy!! From Monday, only good food! Lots of blog posts on recipes and fitness! They really motivate me, so I hope I can do the same!


Another one on the lists.. BUT I really need to save. Me, Michael and my fam (mum, dad and 2 brothers) are moving into a brand new house next year!! So i’ll have a totally empty bedroom and en suite to fill! Im SO EXCITED to get DIY in my bedroom, and I will blog every step of the way! But also we would like to buy a house of our own in 5 years, we have some savings.. but moving house these days is super expensive! 😦 So we need some funds behind us!!

4. Work on my blog

THIS is a huge one for me! I already LOVE blogging! I have so many ideas in my head, I just want to sit and write all day! I have always loved writing, and I can’t get words onto paper (or a screen) quick enough!! I don’t think I’m going to have an upload day or time, just because I need to be able to write around work and my CII studies (Certificate In Insurance if you’re interested lol) i’m currently doing, BUT I will 100% do 3 a week, and more! Also I want to work hard on my social media platforms, and really keep everyone updated in what I’m doing! I have so much going on this year, I just want to share it with the world!! (@theejbedit, on twitter and insta, sorry cheeky self promo there).

5. Try more makeup from the drugstore

This one won’t be hard for me, I feel as if at the moment I sway towards high end make up (high end addict over here!) But I really want to experience make up on the high-street more, and do lots of different reviews for people who might not want to spend to much money on makeup! I’ve had a couple of people asking about the cheaper options in the drugstore, but I feel as if my knowledge isn’t as brushed up! Im super excited to do my first haul and see what beauty finds I get! Im hoping to find HOLY GRAIL products because why wouldn’t you want to spend less money, but on really amazing makeup!!

And finally…

6. See my Country!

Now, I am already going to Florida with my family (17 of us, can you believe it!!!) and me and Michael want to go and see the fireworks in Paris on NYE this year! But we LOVE days out, going to different cities and towns across England! Now I would say ‘the world’ but need to be a little realistic!! (Can’t complain with 2 holidays in place!) We also love taking our doggies to different parks, walks and towns aswell! They love going different places, we just say the word ‘Car? Walk?’ and 9.5/10 they are both sitting at the door waiting to go! I feel like before I venture out into the big scary world (moving out) I would like to focus on seeing new places! And 2018 will be a great year to start!

AND THAT IS IT! I didn’t want anything to deep and un-realistic! I wanted things that I could really stick to! Im hoping I can look back on this post, on the 1st Jan 2019 and be happy with my process, and would have stuck to my resolutions! BRING IT ON!

Lots of love, Ellie x


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