A Kiko Black Friday Haul!

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all fab!

Black Friday hit us a couple of weeks ago, and whilst out Christmas shopping, a lip kit (in the shade strawberry rose) for my BBF Danielle (ddlovesx) caught my eye, from Kikos new Christmas collection! As I walk in, they had a huge deal on! So, buy 6, and get the cheapest 3 free! OF COURSE I jumped at the opportunity and with Mike walking behind, basket in hand, off I went! (and they currently have a up to 50% sale on at this moment!) Kiko is super affordable as well, you can get a lot for your money!

Kiko Haul! (Not including lip kit)

All together I spent around £50, which was amazing for the amount of product I got! Iv tried and tested everything, so here we go!

Eyelash Curlers, £4.90 I got to the till, and as my old ones were battered, I picked these up! Really good price, and they do the job! Not to much to say on these, but they give my lash a good curl, and they are lasting really well!

Face Make Up Fixer, £6.90 – Sadly, this was included in my blog post ‘un-favourites of 2017’, so check out that post for a more in depth review! But this just smells weird, and the mist is really drying!

Smart colour eyeshadow, in the shades (from left to right) 02, 32 and 31. £2.50 – The black shade (32) I use every time I wear liquid liner to set it! It is the perfect black, and there isn’t a lot of fall down for such a dark shade! And I feel like it will last me ages! And for the price, it is now a staple in my collection! The other 2 are okay! Nothing to write home about really!

High pigment wet and dry eyeshadow, in the shade 39. £5.90 – I really enjoy this shadow, has great pigmentation, it needs a little bit of work when blending, but I have found building the colour whilst blending is the best way! Still an incredible price, would 100% recommend!

Glow Fusion Power Highlighter in the shade, Brilliant Champagne, £9.90 – This is my favourite product from the whole haul! It is beautiful! It isn’t super blinding, which is what I usually sway toward, but its a gorgeous glow from within! If you build you can totally shine! The formula is super creamy, and the colour is almost a white with a shift of champagne! GORGEOUS! Totally beautiful! This looks great on bare skin as well, to give you that extra healthy glow!

Glow Fusion Highlighter in the shade – Brilliant Champagne

Smart lipsticks (shades listed below), £3.90 – I really like these lipsticks, my favourite shades are 908 & 904. Really nice formula to them, and the colour lasts a really long time on your lips! They aren’t matte, so you might have to top up throughout the day, but so worth it! My least favourite is 928, but this is only because I never wear baby pink lips! I’m way to pale for that, and I think I just picked up the wrong shade! (Silly me, always check before you buy!!) I’ve only used it to swatch, so I will give it away to a friend or family member who I know will use and love it!

Kiko Lipstick Swatches (shades left to right) 811, 908, 903, 928, 914.

Standout volume mascara, in the shade black, £9.90 – Another ‘un-favourite’ of the year unfortunately! Again, not to much detail as it is on my other blog post, but this mascara is just way to wet, and give me no curl or ‘stand out’ volume!

Unlimited foundation, in the shade Warm Beige 15, £14.90 – I like this foundation a lot! It has a lovely coverage, starts off medium, and its build-able! So you can get it to full! Also has SPF 15 in it. I don’t feel as if it has a matte finish, its more of a dewy/slightly satin finish! Products layer really nice on top of it, but due to my oily skin, it doesn’t last as well on my skin. It gets oily after about 4/5 hours of wear. Even with baking my under eyes and setting spray, my oils seep through quite bad, which is such a shame because I really like the formula! If you have normal/dry skin, this would be great for you! I also love the packaging, the frosty glass feels really luxury!

I love Kiko as a brand, and they have some amazing products! And they are so affordable, with really high quality makeup! So if you are on a budget, but want really good makeup, I would 100% recommend! There was a couple of duds for me personally, but there always will be! With so many different products, sometimes they don’t always work! I also love their stores. If you don’t want to shop for makeup online, go in store!

Lots of love, Ellie x

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