The Mayor Of London’s NYE Fireworks 2017.

Hi Everyone!! I hope you are all well!!

To welcome the year 2018, me and Michael travelled to London to watch the famous NYE fireworks at the London Eye!  For YEARS I have wanted to watch this, it has been a bucket list event for me, and I am so  chuffed I finally got to watch it!

Me and Michael

We was situated in the blue area, at Westminster, so we was right across from the London Eye! The view was incredible! I done a lot of research, and due to the positioning of the blue area, these best tickets to grab, and I couldn’t agree more!

It was a total nightmare to get through! Our starting point was Trafalgar Square, but due to the amount of people still waiting to get through the gates (that close at 10:30pm) we was diverted to Westminster! (At 9:45pm). We dashed to Westminster and was greeted with a Que about a mile long! We was so worried we wouldn’t make it through, but by a miracle we finally made it in at 11:45pm! 15 minutes to go and still had a brilliant view! The atmosphere was amazing once we got in! Everyone was buzzing!

The fireworks overall were a sight you will never experience unless you go to London, it was breathtakingly beautiful and the actual display is SO well put together!! I would 100% go again, but this event needs more organisational skill put into it! It was so badly organised, there wasn’t enough staff to check bags, and scan tickets that no one was getting through! Apart from that, you need to see this! You cannot explain how amazing it is until you see it for yourself! We got talking to a couple who travelled from Australia to see this event, and they expressed how much better and more of a spectacle this is, than the Famous Sydney Harbour fireworks!!! Unreal!

Iv inserted some pictures below of the event (all pictures are my own!) just to get some visualisation of the way they lit up the night sky! (These we’re taken on my phone, and there was a really tall Man in-front of me so you can just about see the top of his hat in some of them!!)

Happy new year! Ellie x


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