My ‘Un-favourites’ Of The Year! 2017

Hi Guys! Hope you’re all doing well!

So 2017 has been a huge year for make up! There has been thousands of releases! Some amazing.. some.. not so amazing! So of course, there is a room for a good favourites and un-favourites post!! Sadly, I had a huge makeup clear out before Christmas, so a lot of the things I didn’t enjoy have been donated, or chucked away!! But of what I do have left, and kept, I wanted to share what and why I didn’t enjoy these products!

Just a quick disclaimer! If you really enjoy these products, please don’t feel offended! Sadly they just didn’t work out for me, and i’m so glad they worked for you!! It means you spent your money on something you love, and what could be better? Also, all the brands i’m mentioning I really love. But these specific products just didn’t work out!


Kiko – Face Make up Fixer.

So recently I done a little shop in Kiko as they had their ‘black Friday sale’ on (blog post on Haul!) and I came across this! Now I love the fact its a continuous spray, but the smell is almost unbearable! Even Michael has picked up on the smell, it lingers on your face all day! And it feels like i’m spraying NOTHING on my face!!! So this was a huge no for me i’m afraid!

Barry M – In The Glow, Tahitian Body Oil.

This was an impulse purchase for my holiday to Cyprus! I thought this would look amazing over a slight tan! Sadly, it just looked like oil on my skin, and being quite pale, I had all the chance to see a slight hint of colour but I just felt like an oily mess! Also again the smell, it lasts for DAYS on your hands and skin, it almost gets stuck up your nose! I gave it to my mum and the exact reaction came from her! So no no!

Collection – Lasting Perfection Colour Correcting Concealer in Green 2.

The lasting perfection concealer is an all time favourite of mine, i’ve loved it for years and years, gone through countless bottles and was the first proper concealer I ever purchased for myself! So when Collection came out with a colour correcting formula I was straight down to Boots (Our drugstore in the UK) to grab it!!

I was gutted to find this didn’t cover anything! Green is supposed to mask redness, and this just blended away into my foundation! It wouldn’t stay on my skin, and it just made my skin look super drying! So not only did it blend away, it made my skin look gross! I love the Yellow one they have, but for some reason this just doesn’t live up to expectations! Totally, totally gutted!

Rimmel London – Insta Duo Contour Stick in Light.

Rimmel brought out their ‘Insta’ range in the summer, and this was the first thing I decided to try! I feel like its really difficult to blend on the skin, and both the Contour and Highlight sticks move all the foundation underneath! The contour is super patchy, and the highlight is so subtle you may aswell not have anything on! Although I do like the Insta Power they brought out in the collection, so I would recommend spending your money on that!

theBalm Cosmetics – Put A Lid On It Eyelid Primer.

‘Mary Lou Manizer’ Highlighter is my favourite thing from theBalm! So seeing how much I loved that, I needed to try more! I saw Lisa Eldridge use this in a video, so obviously this was going to be my next purchase! I hate to say, it done nothing for my eyeshadow. I feel it gave me an oily base, and didn’t help my shadow stay on, or look good. It made my shadow go on patchy, and was a ‘start again’ situation, which was super frustrating! Think i’ll just stick to my highlighter for now!

Sleek Makeup – Creme Contour Kit in Light. 

I saw Nic from Pixiwoo use this in a video not to long ago, and I loved the way it made her skin look! So I popped out and brought it, and I did NOT get the same result! This stuff made my face look so greasy, and blended into this big blob of mud! The lighter shades just made my foundation blend away, so there was nothing left under my eyes! And I feel like it made my pores look even bigger than they are! And we don’t need that!!

NYX – HD ‘High Definition’ Eye Shadow Base in ESB04.

Again, I love so many NYX products, their Tame&Frame Tinted Brow Pomade is a staple in my collection! But this totally did not work! No pigmentation, and again it just moved my concealer around my eyes to look like a big un-blended mess! Another start again job! So sadly, I wouldn’t recommend this IF you had oily eyelids! I think this could work if you have dry skin!

Kiko – Standout Volume Mascara in Black.

This made my lashes look more flat than they already are! I curled them like I do everyday, built and built and built it up, and it gave me nothing! I feel as if the formula is super wet, and the bristles in the brush are so spread apart, it can’t coat your lashes properly! Again I love Kiko, and they do some amazing mascaras! But this one almost flattened my lashes!

Maybelline New York – Dream Flawless Nude Fluid-Touch Foundation in 10 Ivory.

Now, this isn’t a new products, I saw it in TK Maxx once and was super intrigued by it! So me and my BBF decided to buy and try it… OILY MESS. First I got the lightest colour ‘Ivory’, and it was so dark! And their darkest shade isn’t much darker, so shade range is terrible, and i’m so shocked, because maybelline usually have a pretty decent colour selection! And their foundations are some of the best at the drugstore! Secondly, the pigment and the oils in the makeup really separate! You have to give it a really good shake, and even then it almost doesn’t mix together properly! But I still gave it a try, and the oils in my skin were already seeping through once id finished my makeup! I even tried to bake, use setting spray and nothing seemed to help! It gave my skin a super weird gritty feeling aswell… pores looked HUGE! Giant no!

Huda Beauty – Complexion Perfection Pre-Makeup Base.

I was so excited for this launch!!! I LOVE the foundation! (In my favourites, watch this space!) But this just didn’t do anything as a primer, it didn’t pro-long my foundation wear, and I feel as if it didn’t mix well with the Huda Faux Filter foundation at all! The smell is so pungent aswell! It will not leave your skin all day, and as the foundation smells the same, its just way to over powering! This would probably work much better on a dry skin type, but for me and my combo skin, it didn’t work at all!

AND that folks is it for 2017!! Again I love all these brands, but sadly these products didn’t work out for me! But if the worked for you, I’m so happy they did!

Until next time!! Ellie x

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