Cyprus 2017 – A Holiday With Michael

Hi Guys! Hope you are all well!

So, this year me and my boyfriend Michael jetted off to sunny Cyprus for 7 nights in September for a well deserved break! So here is a break down of our holiday, what we done, what we ate, and my overall thoughts of the holiday.

The travel.

We booked and flew with Jet2holidays, from London Stansted, who I couldn’t recommend enough! The customer service was amazing, the planes themselves were really new and clean, and they didn’t have that ‘airplane’ smell, which I know a lot of people really despise! (Me included!!) The cabin crew were lovely, and even the plane food was half decent.. although how good can it get really?

An overall look of the hotel.

We stayed in the Cypria Maris Beach Hotel & Spa, in Paphos! This was an adult only, all inclusive hotel. This stood out to us, due to the amazing reviews and ‘adult only’ just drew us in more! Being a young couple, it was nice to lay by a pool without lots going on, just music, cocktails, sun and the pool was perfect for us! It also had its on private section of the beach, with a beach bar and lots of different water sports. We also received a glass of champagne on arrival, and our bags were in the room waiting for us when we got there, which was of course lovely, but also super handy!

The view from our room, our room was side on from the hotel.

The hotel is around a 5 minute walk from the main town, there wasn’t overly a lot to do, it was mainly restaurants and bars. Nothing ‘club’ like! But that couldn’t have bothered us less, it was nice to walk through the town at night, with all the lights, but none of the madness of clubbing! (We do enjoy this though!). Mainly we sat around the pool at night, having free cocktails (perks of all inclusive) that were mainly vodka and maybe a drop of orange! And playing UNO! The entertainment was terrible, and extremely cheesy, and not many people seemed to be to into it anyway. The entertainment team tried their best, but there was a mere turnout of around 5 couples a night.

View of the pool at night, from the restaurant.

The food.

The hotel had three restaurants. They had the main dining area, a greek and a sushi bar! When you check in, you will be given 1 free token for the Greek and Sushi bars, but the main dining hall is where they serve all the main food. If you want to go back to with the Greek or Sushi you will have to pay a set fee for each individual.

The dessert section, from all inclusive dining hall.
Our first proper night in the hotel.

The food was amazing, but was so repetitive. The first couple of nights we loved, but we went back our 3rd and was a little disappointed to see there wasn’t much more variety of food on offer. And though the desserts looked utterly mouthwatering.. it was nothing like id ever tasted before, and not in a good way! We stayed away from most of them after that! Breakfast and lunch was the same, delicious but very repetitive. But that bothered us less, as we ate mostly Humous and pita bread, totally fine with us!

We don’t really each Sushi (well.. Michael does, I don’t! Sorry Mike!), but we did take advantage on using the Greek restaurant! Humous and pita bread is my number 1 fave snack, and this hotel didn’t disappoint when it came to the greek food!! The only downside was, I’ve never been served so much food in my life! There was 4 courses, each as big as each other, and we almost felt guilty for not being able to eat it all! When it came to desert we refused it, but they insisted on bringing it out! The food was incredible, very traditional Greek, but the volume of food almost overpowered the experience of it all.

Our greek night, this was only the starter, can you believe that!!

We also ate out a couple of times to get some variety in our diets! We found the most amazing Italian restaurant, which was situated right in the middle of town on a roof top, all open and so relaxing. It was pretty busy, but our food came out really quick and didn’t disappoint! Our last night we ate at a really dainty restaurant, it was fully booked but they managed to squeeze us in. We are so glad they did, it was hands down one of the best meals I have ever eaten! I also had the best Creme Brûlée I’ve ever eaten in my life! Sadly for the life of me, I can’t remember what it was called, but I wish I could! It could be raved about all day and all night long!

Our Italian night out!

Our daily activities.

We had a day at the waterpark. This totally flopped, because as it turned out, it was mainly for children.. we aren’t children so it wasn’t much use to us! We also went Go Karting, we heard it was a really good place. We got there and it was a bit of a dump and a little dirty but Michael loved it! I wasn’t a huge fan, and it took us longer to walk their than first anticipated! (yes we walked in that heat, why we didn’t get a taxi I don’t know!) Apart from that, we mainly chilled by the pool, walked around the little towns and hid in the shade! It was stifling hot out there! And with a pasty complexion like mine, I get very sunburnt, very easily! You can’t really complain though, compared to the weather we have in dreary England, it was delightful feeling the warm sun on your skin at 9am, instead of a bitter wind or rain!

Michael next to the pool!

An overall summary of the holiday.

If you want a beautiful hotel, with lovely staff and a nice chilled out vibe.. This is the hotel for you! If you want more of a clubbing scene with lots going on, entertainment through and through, you won’t enjoy this! BUT I would still recommend this place to anyone, and one day we would love to go back!

Until next time, Ellie x

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