My First Blog Post!

Hi Everyone!

My Name is Ellie, I’m 20 years old from Essex, in the UK!

For years and years I have been reading thousands of blogs, anything from Makeup, to DIY and food! Watching my favourite people on youtube and admiring my favourite ‘instagramers’ being totally taken back by how amazing this community is.

So! I have finally decided to start a blog after all these years of debating with myself on whether or not I should! A decision every blogger has faced! My decision came when my best friend Danielle (ddlovesx) started her very own blog, and seeing how much she thoroughly enjoyed just made that choice 100% easier (as you can imagine, being BFF’s we are extremely similar)! Also, in the words of my boyfriend Michael, ‘go for it elz, you can do it’, so here we are!!

Having a huge passion for all things makeup and lifestyle, it only seemed right to release my passion to the world! Also, i love writing, and as someone who could write for hours and hours, i feel as if this is the place meant for me.

I cannot wait to share my favourite makeup, skin care, home and life style with you. (Might also get a few pictures of my pups, they love being photographed!!) 2018 is such a busy year, full of so many incredible adventures I want to be able to share with the world!! I really hope you all enjoy, and i can’t wait to start this blogging journey with a bang!

Also, please follow me on Twitter and Instagram, both @theejbedit, to stay up to date on all things EJB!!

Till the next time, Ellie x


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