L’Oréal Paris False Lash X Fibre Xtreme Resist Waterproof Mascara Review.

Hi guys! Hope you are doing fab!

Just thought I would do a quick blog post on the new L’Oréal Paris False Lash X Fibre Xtreme Resist Waterproof Mascara! I picked this mascara up on a whim in Superdrug, on a shopping trip with Danielle (ddlovesx), as I have been really interested in trying a mascara with a fibre step! You see all of the ‘before and after’ shots of lashes and really wonder if this really is legit. This mascara retails for £10.99, and only comes in the colour black!

First of all, I do really like the packaging. Very heavy, and being a double sided mascara, I have found it very easy to use. I also really enjoy the wands on both ends, I feel like they really grab at my lashes well, and really fans them out.

The two step process can be a little time consuming, but I have found the fibres really so make my lashes look so much longer! I was really sceptical at first, and was also worried about them flaking off into my eyes! The fibres stuck to the lashes really well, and makes a huge difference once you really start to layer on. This mascara is waterproof, and it doesn’t print on my under eye throughout the day, and it really helped to keep the curl in my lashes to!

The only thing I have found it that, I don’t partially like this on my bottom lashes! It doesn’t really give me the effect I get from a normal mascara, and it just feels way to heavy aswell! So I will just stick to a normal mascara from now on for those!

It is pretty heavy duty, so you really will have to use a waterproof eye makeup remover, otherwise you will be forever scrubbing at your eyes to get this off, and no one wants that!

Overall, this made my lashes look so much longer than they are, and it stayed on all day without flaking or printing, keeping a lush curl all day long! I will continue to use and repurchase this product, I really love the effect it gives me!!

Thanks for reading guys! Until next time!

Lots of love, Ellie x

Sand And Sky – Brilliant Skin Purifying Pink Clay Mask Review.

Hi guys! Hope you are all great!

This was first brought to my attention when my mum tagged me in a video all about it on Facebook! She knows I struggle with congested pores, and dull skin, so knew something like this would have my attention! I decided to re-search into this product further and people were raving about this mask! I am someone, who struggles with the thought of not wearing makeup when I leave the house. I have got down to just brows and mascara for work (I mainly work with the same people everyday) and just popping to the supermarket and running errands. BUT anywhere else, I want a full face. In a way, that really isn’t a bad thing, I love applying makeup, but I am desperate for better skin for the summer months. Sweaty foundation is a NO NO!

First of all, I brought this off Beauty Bay for £39.50! I am obsessed with the packaging! It is beautiful, and I really like the brush that comes with this aswell! It is so soft, and the perfect brush to apply this mask. Really easy to clean aswell, the product comes off the brush super quick! I was a little disappointed in how much product you get for the price, but I will do anything, pay anything to try and get my skin in the best condition it can be!

I really enjoy the smell of this, it isn’t to pungent and once it starts to try, it starts to fade away. I love the way this dries down! It dries super quickly, and feels really nice and firming on the skin!

Once the drying process did start, it started to tingle on my skin a little which is totally fine, and often happens with clay masks on my skin. When I took this off I could have cried. My skin was totally blotchy, and looked worse than before I put this on! This is supposed to draw out your impurities, so I put it down to that, went to sleep, woke up in the morning and actually double looked myself in the mirror. My skin looked FLAWLESS. I could not even believe what I was seeing! My skin looked bright and awake, and my pores looked smaller and tighter. I was so happy with my results.

I have continued to use this, and my skin condition has very much improved over the last couple of weeks. I can really tell a difference when I don’t use a mask in my skincare routine, and this one has really up’d the face mask game.

Again, my only con of this, is the amount of product that you get. I have gone through this so quickly, and being £39.50 a pot, I have to very apprehensively put this in my basket and buy it. But I simply couldn’t live without it anymore.

Lots of love, Ellie x


5 Current Makeup Faves! – Feb 2018

Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing really well!

So since the beginning of the year, there has been a 5 products that I have been using almost every single time I do my makeup, and I thought I would share this with you all! Some of these are new, some of these are re-discovered products!


Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist, £16.00 – This spray is becoming a solid resident in my makeup collection. I love it for setting my makeup, and for a little spritz throughout the day! I also really love the scent. It doesn’t lingerer on your skin, but for that split second when you spray it, it smells divine! The only con I have with this product is that the spray is SAVAGE on this! It comes out really harsh, and you have to fan your face dry! On a clean face on a hot day, this would be a lifesaver! But just be cautious when you have a full face of glam!

Lancôme Grandiôse Mascara in Black, £26.50 – I love this mascara, the length this gives is amazing! Makes my lashes really fanned out, and my bottom lashes look beautiful. This won’t transfer onto your eyes, and will help that curl in your lashes stay all day long. It a really lovely black aswell.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC15, £18.50 – This has been a cult favourite for a long time, and I have gone through countless bottles of the stuff throughout the years. It got a little lost in the back of my drawers for a while, due to the new member of the crew ‘Tarte Shape Tape’ but I decided to reach for this and I am so glad I did. I fell in love with it all over again! The colour and consistency is beautiful, and it has a really nice coverage to it! It does crease if you don’t set it, but once you do, it will look flawless all day!

Iconic London Pigment Foundation Stick in Porcelain 0.0, £24.99 – I stumbled across this on Instagram one day watching mini tutorials (can anyone else just watch them for hours?) and sadly I can’t remember who it was using this but her skin looked incredible! I really wanted to purchase a stick foundation, and I was really tempted to delve in and try the Hourglass Vanish Stick Foundation, but it will cost a hefty buck! So I brought this and I am really glad I did!! It is like butter, it goes on the skin seamlessly, and doesn’t tug either. The coverage isn’t full coverage, I would say more medium, but can be built up! The only thing I find is that for the palest shade, it isn’t very pale at all, so I really have to use a light concealer to try and get this to the correct shade.

Maybelline Master Strobing Liquid in Light/Iridescent, £7.99 – I saw Nikkie Tutorials talk about this in a Youtube video a really long time ago, I brought it and it just sat in my draw for months. For some reason I just never really went in to try it. I was clearing out my makeup and I came across this, so I left this out to try the next time I put my makeup on and I really loved it! I use it either mixed into my primer, or on all the high points on my face after I have put my foundation and concealer on. This doesn’t go well over powder, but really helps you get that ‘glow from within’ effect! I don’t always use this for my makeup, but when I am going full glam, or want that extra blinding pop of highlight, this is my go-to cream!

And that is it! I love reading these, as it great to know what other people are living for! Till next time guys!

Lots of love, Ellie x

Mario Badescu Skincare Review.

Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing great!

I have been desperately looking for some good skin care for a long time, as my skin is full of congested pores, and have been for a long time! My BFF Danielle (ddlovesx) raves about Mario Badescu skin care, especially the drying Lotion! I’m longing to find a saviour for my skin, so I purchased the The 50th Anniversary Edition Set from Beauty Bay. The kit included 5 products, all amazing sizes, at a great price of £32.00!


Drying Lotion, (1 fl oz), £16.00 separately – I suffered terribly as a teenager and I have tried many spot treatments over my time. This stuff works magic on my skin! I very rarely get big spots, but when I do, this is my life saver! It reduces the size of your breakouts over night, and redness? what redness? As soon as I get a spot, this is straight on my face after my skincare routine at night! I will never be without this!

Silver powder, (0.5 oz), £12.00 separately – This is great for helping to reduce the size of your pores, but what a mess! It dries super quickly as it doesn’t stay wet for very long! So it really crumbles off your face quick! But this wouldn’t be something I would lean towards in my collection! I have better ‘face masks’ than this. Its a shame as this product was one of the reasons I brought this kit!

Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater, (4 fl oz), £7.00 separately – What a lovely facial spray! I love misting this over my moisturiser just to give it that extra hydration, and it is also great when my make up looks a little dry. A spritz brings my face back to life! This will be great on a hot day as it really cools your face down.

Flower & Tonic mask, (0.5 oz) £18.50 separately – This is a beautiful mask! It made my skin look brighter and more awake. This also really draws out the dirt and oils in my skin, making this a great mask before applying makeup! It hasn’t done much for my pores, but I love how plump and purified my skin looks!

Enzyme Cleansing Gel, (4 fl oz) £13.00 separately – If you suffer with sensitive eyes, I would not recommend this for you! Even when I don’t use it on my eyes, this stings like a bitch! It is really good at removing my makeup and leaving my skin fresh and clean, but I much prefer a cleanser I can use for my eyes and face, instead of just the face! I also prefer a foaming cleanser, which is totally down to personal preference! So.. to round up, if you don’t have sensitive eyes or a foaming cleanser, you’ll love this!


Overall, I am really impressed with Mario Badescu skin care! I have found products that will forever live on in my collection. I also think the price of this set is fantastic! So if you don’t want to spend to much, but want to try lots of different products I would 100% recommend one of their kits! I will be going back to beauty bay to purchase and try more products from this range!

Lots of love, Ellie x

34 Thank-yous For Michael – Valentines Day 2018!

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is doing well! And a happy Valentines Day to you all! This is going be a bit of a different post today…

For all that don’t know… I have a boyfriend called Michael. I swear he was delivered down to this earth by angels!

Now.. being Valentines Day, I thought I would use my platform to dedicate a post to Michael! Me and Michael aren’t overly a super lovey-dovey couple! We love each other heaps, but it isn’t something we post all over the internet, and I’ve actually found this to be great for us! No tweets or statuses about the other one being really crappy, or about how we had a disagreement! And we aren’t overly fussed about Valentines Day either! This year we are going out for dinner, and he surprised me with balloons, flowers and some lovely presents! But I thought I would use this one ‘special’ day of the year, to just say thanks! So Mike.. this is for you!

Thank you for…

  1. Being my Boyfriend, the better half…
  2. AND Bestfriend! For nearly 5 years!!
  3. Always supporting me, through whatever adventure I take on!
  4. Always agreeing with me, even when I am wrong! (not often that happens!)
  5. Cuddling me until your arm goes dead! You will not move if I am fast asleep on you, even if it means you getting comfy!
  6. Putting up with my hair in your face! I know you hate that!
  7. Drying and brushing my hair every time I wash it! I love that!!
  8. Getting out of bed to turn the light off, even if we have both just got comfy!
  9. Staying up with me when I can’t sleep.
  10. Driving me everywhere! Even if you don’t want to go, you won’t hesitate, you just do it! (Even if it is my turn!!)
  11. Never watching the next episode of a series we are watching without me!
  12. Spending Sundays being lazy, eating junk food, binge watching Netflix for hours!
  13. For motivating me at the Gym! I couldn’t do it without you!
  14. Listening to all my problems, and acting as if you care about every single one!
  15. Always taking care of me. No matter if mother nature has called, or I am super ill. You’ll be so patient, and caring. You’ll rush to get me supplies, or a Powerade.
  16. Being on my side, when it feels like no one else is.
  17. Being super patient when I do my makeup! I know you hate waiting around, but no matter what, you always sit and wait with me!
  18. Or.. for saying I look beautiful, when we both know I look like shit.
  19. Making me smile from cheek to cheek when I am down. You do the stupidest things to make me laugh, and as much as I pretend to hate it.. I really don’t!
  20. Always keeping it real with me. If I’m being stupid, you’ll tell me. If I’m being silly, you’ll tell me. Never in a spiteful way, in a way to make me better.
  21. Dealing with me, when I turn into a slight diva!
  22. Taking the back lash, even if it wasn’t your fault, and it wasn’t you that caused the anger. You deal with my terrible, cranky mood. What a man.
  23. You always say ‘sorry’ first, even when I am being wayyyy to stubborn to say it first!
  24. Being vulnerable, and open, even when I know you don’t want to. It has developed a closeness that I will forever value every second of.
  25. Being incredible to my family. You are always so kind and polite.
  26. Looking after our Dogs, and loving them, and cuddling them!
  27. Kissing, and loving me in front of all your friends.
  28. Making an effort with all my friends.
  29. Surprising me with flowers and present.. for no reason.. ‘just because’
  30. Always treating me with the utmost respect.
  31. Being there, whenever I need you, no matter what, or when. You are always by my side, through thick and thin.
  32. Looking at me with the most incredible amount of love in your eyes. Those beautiful greeny/blue eyes.
  33. Always making me feel safe, and calm in your presents.
  34. Thank you.. for being you. And loving me.

The way we perfectly intertwine together is like no other soul I have ever known. Like 2 peas in a pod! You forever worry about me over yourself, you defend and protect me in ways most people can’t! You make me laugh till I cry, you make me laugh when I cry! You always just go with the flow, no matter what we do, even if I drag you around the makeup isles in Boots or John Lewis! If I am happy, you are, and that is a very rare thing to find in such a world full of hate.

From new jobs, to buying new cars, coming to live with me, new adventures (like my blog), no matter what I do, you will always be the person to keep me going, give me motivation everyday, and pick me up when I fall. You wont let me fail, you are always the reason in the end I can succeed at anything, and through everything I have done, I could never thank you enough for how much you inspire me to exceed in life.

Happy Valentines day. I totally love you.

Till next year! (no more soppiness for 365 days!!)

Lots of love, Ellie x




What to watch? Feb 2018.

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all doing wonderful!

I am so happy that January is finally over! How long did it feel? The weeks dragged, the weather was miserable, and everyone has been getting over the holiday blues! So, due to the short days and dark nights, Netflix has been more of a given!! I’ve discovered 3 more series over this month and I can’t wait to share them with you all!

The Good Place, 2 seasons. I have recently only just discovered this! This is Netflix The Good Place Posteroriginal series, and it popped up on the ‘trending’ section! I was desperate to find a new series, so I took a chance with this, and I am so glad I did! The Good place is a town, where those who have been good throughout their time on earth, go once they have passed away. Eleanor arrives at ‘The Good Place’ realising that actually, she doesn’t deserve to be there! She enlists the help of her ‘Soul Mate’ Chidi, to become a better person, and right her wrongs, so she can earn the right to be in ‘The Good Place’. This is a super cheesy, feel good, funny series that it so easy to watch! The episodes aren’t very long, so I managed to get through this within days! Kristen Bell plays her role excellent, and it makes you think about how ‘good you really are.

Riverdale Poster

Riverdale, 2 seasons. This is currently an on-going series on Netflix and I am totally obsessed with it! I make sure every Thursday when the new one is live, I am straight onto Netflix watching this! This is about the death of a popular, rich twin Jason Blossom in the town ‘Riverdale’. It shows the small town trying to investigate the murder, that took place on the 4th of July, and how all is not as it seems. It begins at the start of the school year, with new and interesting students and budding relationships for all involved. This is so gripping, and I am left waiting for the next episode to air! A must watch if you like High schools Dramas!

RuPaul’s Drag Race, 9 seasons. OMG Drag Queens are everything! And RuPaul is just RuPaul's Drag Race Posterfabulous, who has to be the most famous Drag Queen in the world! He hosts and Mentors a competition, to try and find America’s next drag superstar! He also judges and eliminates the Queens who battle it out in the challenges, and on the runway to be the BEST. With glam, glitter and show stopping moments, if you need a ‘pick me up’ or just a bit of fun, this is the show for you! So much sass and glamour! With Diva’s everywhere you look! And with one Queen ‘Sashay Away’ing’ every week, and 2 queens lip syncing for the lives, the competition is strong and fierce! And the comedy is there, you’ll be laughing till you cry!


And that is it for Feb! Hope you all have an amazing month!

Lots of love, Ellie x


(All pictures have been taken from Netflix, in no way do I own the right to these photos, and will continue to make that clear)



New House Haul!

Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing well!

In July this year, me, Michael, and my family are moving into a brand new house! It will be a crazy month as we are going to Florida at the end of July for my 21st birthday. Building started this year in January, and we are all super excited to move! My Mum and Dad have been kind enough for Michael to come live with us, so we can save up for a deposit on our own house. BUT for now the excitement for moving is real!

Moving house is a big stress, and moving into a house that has NOTHING in it, is more of a set-back than usual, but a great opportunity to start totally fresh, and have a bedroom I’ve always dreamed of! I keep changing my mind on colour schemes, and the colour I want my en-suite (which has two sinks, so me and Mike have our own!!!!) but I have finally started to buy a couple of more ‘decorative’ things, so I just thought I’d share them with you!


I’m not yet going to worry about the bigger type things like furniture and tech! We are so lucky to have build in wardrobes, so we wont have to much to worry about! Iv mainly just been shopping around to buy smaller items, so we don’t have to worry about it when the time comes.

Firstly, Pinterest has been a massive help for inspiration for my room and bathroom. Iv decided to go for ‘Grey, Cream and Rose Gold’ for my bedroom. I’m trying not to make it tooooo super girly in respect for Mike, but I needed to express PINK! My bathroom is going to have light grey tiles and gold decoration! I’ve found so many lovely things in Primark and Next, and at such a great price aswell. I also found a lot of bathroom stuff in Dunelm Mill, but lets save that for another post!!

These are just a couple of more decoration things I have picked up! We have a lot more currently being stored under my bed!

Eyelash Dish, Next, £4.50 – I brought this to use on my new dressing table. How gorgeous is this design? Will look perfect to hold any little trinkets, jewellery or even eyelashes!

Pink Flower Dish, Primark, £3.00 – My mum actually picked this up for me and I love it! It is a gorgeous colour, and will pop either on my dressing table, or even on my bedside table, just incase I get all cosy in bed, and haven’t taken any of my jewellery off yet. I can just pop it onto this, knowing its safe and sound!

Glass Terrarium, Primark, £4.00 – Anyone else obsessed with glass terrariums? I am! I love them! They look super cool, and this one is fake so will be easy to maintain! Will look gorgeous on a window seal, or even thinking about putting it in our En-Suite!

Rose Gold Plant, Primark, £3.50 – Another plant… I know! This was another one my Mum kindly picked up for me! (She knows me well). This one is 100% for our room. Not entirely sure where this is going to end up, but it looked so cool!

Candle, Primark, £3.50 – This works perfectly with the colour scheme of our En-Suite. And it smells gorgeous, so I had to pick it up!!

Rose Gold Basket, Primark, £3.00 – These baskets are so handy! I have 1 big rose gold, 1 big gold, and 3 little rose gold ones! They are just so handy for storing products in, and again, how cool do they look?!

I have become totally obsessed with buying stuff for the house! I cannot wait to have a whole house to decorate! But until that day comes, i’ll spend all of mine and Mikes money on our Room and Bathroom for now!!

Lots of love, Ellie x